Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Lucas turned 6 today!
We started celebrating two weeks ago in Oregon (near Newport) with all his cousins (7 boys total) at a beach house. Here are a few photos. The party did include a Pinata, a cool game of Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey and of course, cupcakes!
Sand fun.
Cupcake decorating with Grandma A.
Party time! Lucas and Henry?! :)
The crew.
Baby Logan...baby Dominic was snoozing and missed part of the party.Daddy, Lucas & Mommy.
Marcus 1, Axel 2, Duncan 3 sandwich!
The pinata. Marcus.Axel.Duncan.
Henry.Getting the goodies!
Yesterday started out with a trip to Bounce U, an indoor bouncy gym with all sorts of inflatables. Our friends were able to join in on the fun!
After awhile, Axel & Will decided the water fountain provided more entertainment than the equipment.
Lucas' big request for the day was to stay home. After traveling ALL summer, I think this was a perfect choice for the whole family. It also gave me plenty of time to work on the cake.
And decorate...and wrap...and all those fun birthday things.
I love how the cake turned out. I based my idea on one I found online. I wish I could give credit to whomever posted the photo but she did not leave a name. Thank you Miss StarWars Cake Lady!
Dinner was steak (hummus for Axel), artichokes, corn-on-the-cob, strawberries, crescent rolls and root beer. Lucas opened one during the day that kept him very busy. He's really into crafts so it was a Fab Effex kit (flexible fabric with a workable wax backing) which was fun but challenging to work with. Then to the rest of the presents! Mini light saber kit.Axel didn't miss out but did have a little trouble with the fact that it was not his birthday. We explained that he would be turning 3 on his next birthday and would get lots of presents too. Today, he told me he was 3 years old! Smart boy!
Sparkly diamonds and jewels.
Rocket Kit from Daddy.Lots of parts! Good luck Daddy! :)
Soaring into Flight Science Kit...THANK YOU GRANDMA & GRANDPA A.
Snorkel gear for Florida!
I love this!
Then on to the cake.
Can you believe this boy is SIX!?!?!?!?!
He must have made a great wish!So did this one. :)
Showing of his new "6" status.
Down to business.
Guess what?! Mommy was there too!
What a great time and what a great boy! Happy Birthday Lucas. We love you so much!!! Love, Mom, Dad & Axel

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Liesel said...

I did not know Lucas was into Star Wars! The boys have light sabers and I may need the directions for that cake. We will see if Dom is still into Star Wars in October...

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