Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started!!

Here I am faced with over 1500+ photos (unorganized photos) lingering on my computer from this summer and beyond. I think I've only posted a couple times this summer so it's time to do a little back tracking and get my blog UP-TO-DATE! I will do my best to post in the midst of trying to sell a house, trying to rent a house, taking care of a family, training for the Fall climbing season, and oh yeah....MOVING TO FLORIDA!!! Wish me luck! ...thanks for your patience! -Janelle

Grandma & Grandpa Anderson came for their traditional June visit. We maximized fun while they were here as well as got our house on the market. Busy times! We sure appreciated all the extra help!

We have always wanted to check out Ohio's most famous amusement park: Cedar Point. It did not disappoint. There are some big rides and a bunch of more size/age appropriate ones for the kiddos. WE HAD A BLAST!Treats!
Annual tradition of going to Cracker Barrel for breakfast with Grandma A.
Just a little grumpy before getting his pancakes.
Bubbles made everyone happy!
Trip to The Greene Shopping Center for some fun in the fountains.
And of course, neighborhood fishing.
Axel even caught a few fish.
Grandpa is the expert!
Practice makes perfect.We had an aggressive turtle stealing our worms. He was a brat! Cute, but a brat...just like Axel?! :)Story time...cuddle time...nose picking time?! :) heehee
At trip to the Cincinnatti museum before heading to the airport.Lucas loves crystals and this was a big hit!

To distract from the fact that G&G had to leave, we took the kids to the climbing gym.
We sure had a great time and miss G&G a ton! Thanks for spending so much time with us. We love you!

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