Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Everywhere we go people comment on Axel's athleticism. He can throw a ball better than the rest of us, catch a Frisbee using this alligator technique, climb in our gym to the top and his balance is very impressive. So, I tend to agree with peoples observations. Athletic activities come very easy for him and we thought gymnastics would be perfect. He goes to Twigs Kids, once a week with Daddy, for 30 minutes and HE.LOVES.IT! They start out with a few minutes of stretching and examples of fun things to do and then they are off to choose for themselves.

Twigs Kids, also offers swimming lessons which Lucas has been taking the past few months. They have a great viewing room of the pool and the gymnastics room. For weeks, Axel spied the foam blocks through the window of the waiting room and every time asked when he could jump in. His wish finally came true. He was ready! See that dark blue mat in the back of the photo?!This became Axel's launch pad!
Mr. No Fear jumps like a rock star with no hesitation and asks to do it over, and over, and over again! He's in love for sure.After each session, everyone gets stamps.
Way to go AXEL!!!
It's an action pack 30 minutes and I would highly recommend Twigs Kids to anyone living in the Dayton area!

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MrsKBJ said...

That place looks way cooler than the ymca gymnastics class Madison go to!! Might have to check this out! Thanks janelle!

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