Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Okay, so my slow computer killed my motivation for posting our Oregon trip. I promise that I will get to it. We did so many wonderful things in the 3 weeks out there it would be a shame not to post them. However, it will have to wait.

Last weekend we headed to Rockford, TN (just outside Knoxville) to spend some time with good friends at Lake Douglas for Labor Day. Jess' parents have the most adorable lake house which was perfect for relaxing and enjoying company. The boys did great on the drive the extra two hours it took to get down there because of a huge car accident. It was a blast, we all has tons of fun.

I've been fighting with my camera, my old camera. It's so unpredictable or maybe very predictable...low light = fuzzy photos. I was so spoiled with the new camera that I lost earlier this summer. So sad. Not all photos are bad thank goodness.

Here is the cute summer home and this photo DOES NOT give it justice. Jess' mom is a total green thumb and the flower beds are amazing.
The lake was down for various reasons but that didn't stop the fun.
Here we are practicing!
We decided going solo was a way better option for both boys.
Axel wanted a little more practice before the real thing.
Then he was off! What a big boy! Although he did not cry, he was not too excited to go again. Tubing in the big lake all by himself was a little scary. So brave!
Jess standing on a sand bar in the middle of the lake.
Bentley enjoying the weekends last moments of sun.
A whole family photo on the sand bar. Think Mommy needs to work on her tan?! I guess living in Florida will fix that problem. :)
Daddy, Bentley and Lucas...notice the dark clouds?
It got darker and darker so we packed it up and headed back to the house.Bentley...a perfect combination of class and sexiness!
We had wonderful meals too, so tasty!
There was even duck hunting.
And beverage drinking.
Can't go to Tennessee without a good sip of moonshine! This one was pumpkin flavored and one tiny sip was perfect for me.
Jess, Axel, Bentley & Lucas.Yummy pancakes in the morning and a wonderful discover of Bruce's Sweet Potato Pancakes. For an extra tasty treat, we tossed in some fresh blueberries. DELICIOUS!!!
Back on the boat but this time the focus was on jumping, back flips and race swimming to go along after tubing.
I think Axel was trying to figure out how Jess did that back flip?!
Getting ready for more jumps.

Vicki took the time to give Lucas a lesson in chess. I secretly listened in so I could learn too. I had no idea it was so fun!I'm sure you noticed the hat. This was a project which started at home the week before. "Mom, I want to make a fun hat." And that's exactly what he did. It totally evolved over the weekend with accessories and decorations.
Bentley was a HUGE help in the hat development.
It even has a color wheel propeller.
Here's a little peek at the house which is similar to our cabin but much bigger. Thank you Jess, Bentley, Vicki and Jim! WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME AND REALLY APPRECIATE THE HOSPITALITY!
Daddy was only able to join us for a day before driving the Jetta to Niceville, Florida. Yes, this is the same '97 Jetta I purchased back in Utah which now has over 300,000 miles on it. It has made it from Utah to Colorado to Ohio and now Florida. She made her journey with Daddy this past weekend to go house hunting. I was sure she would give up but she's a trooper.

Daddy flew home yesterday and he did find us a perfect house. We are so excited about the big trees and huge back yard. We expected palm trees and instead we ended up with big, gorgeous pine trees! I have a feeling Florida is going to be better than we ever thought. :) Daddy is excited about the move after spending a good 3 days down there getting to know the area. If all goes well with our application and lease signing, this will be our new home in Bluewater Bay...
We are so proud of Daddy for taking the lead on the house hunting. We decided last minute not to drag the whole family down so he had the big job of viewing all sorts of houses and making the big decision. He did awesome!!

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Maile Fano said...

The house looks amazing! I envy the mature trees and can't wait for ours to be the same way...oh wait, we still have to plant them.

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