Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

We are busy! It's funny how things are, one week you feel like you have all the time in the world and the next, Friday sneaks up on you with no warning. This is one of those fast weeks! It's a birthday week so our schedule is packed. Yes, our little baby is going to be 3 years old this Thursday. I can't believe it! Happy Birthday Axel!

In the midst of all the chaos, realized that I am a few photos behind when it comes to posting on my blog. So, we are going to get all caught up with a Ten on Tuesday post.

1. Back at it! Axel took a gymnastics class in Dayton and LOVED it. We recently found U.S. Gold Gymnastics here in Destin, FL. They have regular classes and a kids day out every Friday morning (for younger kids) and Friday evening (for older kids). It's been a hit! Both boys love going and running around for a few hours. Axel goes in the morning with his BFF, Riley, and Lucas goes at night with Cameron (Riley's big sister). It works out great and everyone gets worn out having a wonderful time!
2. Last weekend we headed to Pensacola to check out something new. We drove down the coast from Fort Walton Beach and ended up at Gulf Islands National Seashores. A stop at Fort Pickens was in order so we could get our National Park stamp! The cannons were a huge hit!
There is a light at the end of the tunnel! How cool is this photo?!
I was having fun with my new camera. :)
3. You can't go to Pensacola without a stop at the Naval Museum. It was awesome and a nice change from the many times we went to the Air Force Museum. Both are very impressive and worth a visit or two or three...
Mr. Danger!
4. Pensacola Lighthouse. They wanted $5 bucks a person to go to the top. We decided we would LOOK at the top, for FREE.
5. The Birthday Countdown began almost one month ago. This is a hard concept to understand when you are two years old. There were many days when Axel thought it was his birthday. After a few mornings of near tears, we made a ring chain so he can cut off one everyday. I think that has helped and he is very excited that there are only a few more to cut. If you look close to the note on the top you can see that this is from Lucas.
It says...
"Hi Axel. I am going to give you a present on your birthday - The present will be great. From Lucas."
So sweet!
6. Blue is Axel's favorite color so we made blue smiley face cookies to give to his friends tomorrow. He insisted that they have nosies too.
7. When asked what he wants for his birthday, all Axel will say is, "A TRAIN CAKE!" Her she is, the photo he drools over everyday! We still have no idea what he really wants for his birthday!?!?
8. The party bags are all stuffed and ready for the park tomorrow. We are having a little birthday celebration tomorrow at the local park for Axel & his friends. It's cupcake day...ice cream cone cupcake day! We will celebrate as a family on the big day Thursday!
9. A new twist to an old favorite! Meringue toppers for ice cream cone cupcakes. These are SOOO EASY to make and so much fun. Did I mention they are delicious too? :) I can't wait to assemble tomorrow.
10. Lucas started Taekwondo this week. He did great! We hear from Lucas' teachers and substitute teachers that Lucas is just a wonderful student and is the kind of kid every teacher loves...he listens, pays attention and follows directions. Hmmm...how come he doesn't do all those things at home?! :)
Well, today we got to witness his great behavior in a class setting. It's true. He's an Angel! It made my heart smile. It also brought back many memories of the years I spent working towards a black belt. (Only made it to black stripe...maybe one of these days I'll finish it up!) He loves it and said, "I can't believe Taekwondo could be that fun, I never knew it could be that fun!" He got his first black stripe today and was elated!

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