Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten (Photos) on Tuesday

I have a few random photos documenting a few outings the past two weeks. We have started our spring climbing season so to kick things off, we headed to Kentucky for President's Day Weekend. It was awesome to be back at our cabin. It just feels like home and we love it so much. The kids were super excited too and the climbing was beautiful.
Axel sleeping. He loves his naps!
We did have to shorten our stay due to a winter storm warning. It was going to be a one day storm with heavy wet snow. The potential to get stuck at our cabin was high due to it's location in a small valley.

We opted to head south to Knoxville to see friends and climb at Little River Canyon for some steep, juggy routes. We missed most of the snow. We took a little detour to go see Cumberland Falls State Park, little did we know that it would be snowing back on the interstate!
No photos of the waterfall. It was way to rainy to get out the camera until we were back at the visitors center. Both boys were obsessed with the light map.
It's a pretty impressive waterfall but it was so rainy. Good thing we didn't stay long! We ran into a full blown snow storm in the mountains of southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee. It was white knuckle driving for all of 15 minutes but disturbing none-the-less. We were happy to be in Knoxville. :)
Our next outing was at Little River Canyon...our new home crag. We are really starting to like this place. The approaches are easy, the cliffs are beautiful and there's more climbing than we thought. It's steep! I've had to learn yet another new style of climbing. I'll be a well rounded climber if we ever head back west. :)
Mike's season is off to an awesome start. He was able to climb a 5.13d in just two days! It's short but packs a punch! It climbs up the thin features on the furthes left climb near that big crack although that crack is not used. :)
He also onsighted some harder 13's and is pleased with his progress. I to am making gains. One year ago I probably wouldn't even try have the climbs I'm now leading. Some are so steep (like horizontal roofs) so it's been a learning experience for me too. My brain has been great and I'm finally able to really relax on the climbs and focus on the rock! So fun!
The boys love the new area and have been playing together so well. Lucas is a Ben Ten addictic these days so of course, Axel is too. They play Ben Ten most of the day....Ben Ten is a super hero who can change into various characters to fight the aliens.
Just a look at the cliff and big trees. It's a cute little canyon!
And then this photo, it makes me smile! Axel loves to wear bowls on his head as if they were hats. Here he is playing Legos with his new hat and awesome smile!

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