Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten on Tuesday: Weekend Addition

Daddy has been gone this past week and he took the camera. This is not a bad thing but it is definitely noticed when we are out and about without one. It is giving me an opportunity to organize my stuffed photo files. :)

NO photos today but I do have a few things to document.

1. We stayed in town this weekend due to all the tornadoes popping up from Florida to Ohio. Numerous ones were spotted near our Kentucky cabin but no damage was reported.

2. It rained ALL day on Saturday and this was no little rain. It poured and poured and our back yard turned into a pool. It was very impressive and made for a great day to go see the Lorax. It's a great movie for those of you thinking about going.

3. Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day but the wind was cool. We needed to get out of the house so our day started off with a cinnamon roll at Panera and a Kona coffee at Bad Ass Coffee in Destin.

4. We then headed to Grayton State Park in search of an alligator at Gator Lake but luckily had no luck finding one. I think seeing one in the zoo would be the best choice. Although, my neighbor did tell me that one has been seen in our neighborhood a few times on the golf course!

5. We built a few sand turtles and then decided that it was not the best day to hang out on the beach.

6. We headed towards Panama City and the "homemade donut" sign brought us to Laguna Beach. We ate some tasty donuts and walked across the street to check out the beach. The ocean was very dirty looking after the storms and the wind was down right miserable. We could walk one way and then have to walk backwards so the sand didn't blow in our faces. We did discover some cool shells so we'll have to go back when it's not so windy.

7. Our next destination was Panama City area and we drove down to St. Andrews State Park. It was fun to see especially after all the craziness driving through the Panana City Beach area. Spring Break has started so there were college students everywhere flaunting there stuff. The best one I saw...some girl in a bikini on the main drag with a scarf on!

8. Since the beaches were so cold and windy, we opted for some mini golf. Goofy Golf it was and the boy LOVED it! They had so much fun but were extremely sad (even after a fair warning) when the last whole ate their ball.

9. We were then off to Pier Park for some dinner and a trip to the candy store. That place was crazy too but really fun. It's basically an outdoor mall with an amusement park. We were tired out by this point and headed home. Axel snoozed and Lucas watched Ben Ten.

10. It turned out to be a fun weekend and a nice break from the Alabama drive to go climbing. We sure miss Daddy but we were happy to hear that he climbed another 5.14 in Wyoming! Way to go Daddy! We can't wait to celebrate with you!

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