Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break 2010: Part 3

Part 3.
After a great time in Dayton, we drove to our cabin in Kentucky. It was still there which was nice to see as we drove up the road. You never know with tornados and terenchal down pours.
We climbed in the mornings for the most part when it was nice and cool. Saturday turned out to be a great day weather wise so that was a long day but worth it. It was so fun to climb at The Red again and realize that living in Florida (training in FL) is still working for our climbing passion.
It was very humid which changed the dynamics of certain climbs but fun all the same. It also provided shorter climbing days, opening up more time for things like neighborhood walks...
and cabin time...
We wore them out! A rare sight in this family when both are knocked out.
They perked right up when we stopped at Dariy Queen for celebration cones. They both did an awesome job climbing. Did we get pictures? Next time we will. Sorry. Lucas made it all the way to the top. Axel made it part way but learned how to use his feet to manuver while on the rope. It was fun to watch him start out a little nervous and then relax once he knew he was safe hanging on the rope and free to move around a little.
One day while out at the crag, I spotted this clever fellow. I fell instantly fell in love with this spider web. The spider could not attach the bottom of his web to the ground because it was full of sand. Instead, he opted for a counterweight to keep his web straight. At first, I thought it was a bug all wrapped up but quickly realized what he had done. Amazing! I love nature!
Tiny little counterweight. :)
This was not the smart spider that made the web, just one that Daddy knocked off the cliff. He's a big one, kind of creepy...might be smart but the jury is still out.
Lucas, I mean, Ben 10 in action.
Axel keeping busy with dirt and rocks. Love it!
The evening are usually movie nights or Wii nights at the cabin. Since the Wii was in Florida, Daddy shared his phone. Lucas loves Angry Birds.
Axel was too tired to care about what kind of night everyone else was having. That boy was worn out by an awesome 10 day vacation.
What a great week!

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