Monday, January 28, 2008

Up with the Sun, Down with the Moon

Lucas has been very intrigued about the sun and moon waking up and going to sleep. The other morning I went to get him out of bed and he said, "Mommy, I woke the sun up this morning!" We had to rush over to the window to verify that the sun was truly awake and all because of Lucas. Every time he sees the sun he talks about how it's going to go to bed soon, behind the mountains. Each night we look out the window and look for the moon. The moon is a little harder to understand and is usually hiding when it's Lucas' bedtime. The other night was a real treat because the moon was as big and bright as possible and right outside Lucas' window. There were light clouds drifting past the moon creating the illusion that the moon was moving backwards. Lucas told me over and over that the moon was moving backwards and was curious to know where it was going. It's so neat to see a little two year olds mind work overtime all the time. What little sponges they truly are.

He was very eager to take his name today because I told him after naptime we could use the coffee grinder. He spotted it earlier this morning and asked 20 questions about how it worked and what sounds it made. We then took a little trip to the post office and had to stop by the coffee shop for a few coffee beans. I drink coffee about once a month and hardly ever use the coffee grinder so he's very excited and probably dreaming about another cool new appliance!

I'm going to try to attach a few photos from Christina and Eric's wedding because we just got some copies and want to share. Looks like the photos aren't working right now so I will try again later.

Hope everyone is weathering the winter!
Love, Janelle, Mike & Lucas

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Jonathan said...

Hi Janelle!
Got your letter today and wanted to check out your blog. Lucas is so cute! Bradley will be 2 in February and he is so much fun too. Kurt is going to be 5 in May which I just can't believe. He registers for Kindergarten next week!!!
Anyway, great blog- I ran into Adam Gallegos the other day and he had all kinds of questions about you and Aimee. He has two little boys and they are so cute.
Thanks for keeping me posted on all the happenings of your life. It looks like you're enjoying motherhood so much- I don't even like to remember my life before my babies!
Lots of love,
Jessica Loomis

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