Saturday, February 2, 2008

Home BE-BO

If you live in Colorado this winter you understand that the wind, the snow and the freezing cold have taken over. We are getting tired of going to the mall and even Lucas has lost his interest in the puppies, water fountains and escalators. We've been exploring other stores like REI and Home Depot. The other night Mike asked Lucas if he wanted to go to Home Depot to see the grills, lawn mowers and all the other cool "toys" that live there. Lucas replied, “I DO want to go to Home BE-BO!" For anyone who reads Sandra Boynton they may have read The Belly Button Book. BE-BO is a tiny way Hippos say Belly Button! I laughed and laughed. Home BE-BO is much better than Home Depot that's for sure.

We have had a long week with lots of horrible windy days. Lot's of inside time and we are all pretty tired of our house. Luckily, last Friday a great friend Darcy drove Lucas and me up to Fort Collins, CO. We have a mutual, childhood friend named Jessica who has two boys, Kurt and Bradley. Lucas was in heaven. New toys, new appliances and new friends! The girls talked and the boys played and played and played. It was a real treat to catch up with old friends and boy, we are getting old! I think the last time I saw Jessica was back in the late 90's!!! What a great day for sure!

Daddy was able to take the afternoon off and head up to Golden to the Mountaineering Library. I'm sure he was in heaven...a million books all about the mountains and climbing and no one there to bug him. He came home with a stack of information.

On the way home Darcy and I amused ourselves by having Lucas repeat big words like Madagascar, Mozambique, Uruguay, Chiropractor and all sorts of other words we could think of. He's really good at repeating the words and most of the time gets it correct on the first try. It's so fun to see such big words coming out of such a tiny boy. He is a talker for sure, a real Jakulewicz at heart! :) We are so proud of him and are so happy to have him in our life. We truly are blessed.

Tonight we had a great time at a friends 1st birthday party. Yep, Hayden turned ONE!! What a big boy and what a fun party. Eating the marshmallows off the craft table was Lucas' favorite part by far. He loves marshmallows (just like his mommy) and boy did he work every angle to get just one more in his mouth. It was fun to see Hayden and all his friends. We took him a helium filled balloon and a box of Kleenex. What a funny thing to see a one year old pull out one Kleenex after the other... over and over again! What a big mess too but sooooo much fun. Bad habits are hard to break...sorry Amy and Rich but it was just too cute!

Well, we are hoping for good weather tomorrow. If not, we'll have to come up with something fun. Gotta love winter time!!

We love you all!
Janelle, Mike & Lucas


Amy said...

It was great to see you and we do forgive you for the tissues! :-) That was such a great idea! He loves that balloon, too. So much chaos, but so much fun, and we're so glad you could be a part of it!

The Hendricks Family said...

I am so glad I found you!! You'll have to link up to my blog!! It was good to see you last week. Hope the business is going well! See you Thursday

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