Friday, February 15, 2008

Rowdy & The Hockey Game

Last weekend, Lucas had an opportunity to go to a real hockey game with Mommy, Grandpa J and Uncle Micah. Daddy was out in Zion Nat'l Park making climbing history and taking advantage of Zion before we head to Ohio. The hockey game was great and Lucas had a ball. He watched the hockey players and loves the idea of skating on ice. "Where are my skates?" he would ask. The hockey game was cool but nothing compared to "Rowdy" the team’s mascot. Lucas was running some laps around the arena and ran right into Rowdy. He was half scared and half excited; really having a hard time figuring out what Rowdy was?! Lucas could spot Rowdy anywhere in the arena and would stare at him. Grandpa made a little request to have Rowdy come visit Lucas personally and boy was that exciting! We all had a great time, a big thanks to Grandpa for getting this together!

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