Thursday, February 14, 2008

Standing At Attention!

Has someone been sneaking in our house and teaching Lucas all about military protocol?

Last night, Lucas pulled out his big Dr. Seuss Dictionary and found a new discovery. The book has lots of little scenes on each page with words and sentences use to help teach the alphabet. His favorite is the "I burnt it" scene which shows a little bear who burnt his toast. Lucas gets very concerned and tells the bear, "You have to unplug the toaster and take out the toast when it's cool and get new toast."

So last night... He found and became infatuated with "Soldiers Standing at Attention" and instantly asked what the row of soilders were doing. I simply explained that they were standing at attention and holding very still. He stood up and said, "They stand like this" as he stood at attention. Then he realized he needed a hat so he got one for Lucas, one for daddy and one for mommy. We all had to stand at attention in the living room.

After practicing, he walked over to the dinning room table and explained, "The cadets sit at that table like this (he sat at attention), and they take their hats off and then eat their biscuits and butter!" Mike and I looked at each other with amazement and tried to figure out how he knew that hats were to be taken off while the cadets ate? Who knows?! It just goes to show what sponges these two year olds are and I'm amazed everyday on what he learns and knows and talks about. I love that he can know express his feelings and thoughts with us verbally through speech...incredible!

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Gramma K said...

Now you are going to have to take him to lunch at the Academy so he can see the cadets march and eat lunch!!!

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