Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Program: 4 Year Olds

Last night was Lucas' Christmas Program at the church. He has been practicing his songs for weeks now and last night he was a Star!

Unfortunately, our camera battery light came on when we arrived. However, we did get a couple photos and a video to document the special night.

Handsome boy!Waiting and waiting...
Then, everyone was lined up and ready. I love seeing everyone in their Christmas outfits...too cute!
Axel loved watching all the exciting people, especially the adorable little girls behind us.
He had no problem spotting his Mommy. That's my Mama's Boy!
Lucas started out in a row with other children...
But quickly gravitated to his own row where he could have plenty of room to perform. He has absolutely no fear in front of crowds and actually shines like a star in the spotlight.
All the songs came with cute hand motions. It was adorable to watch the entire group sing their little hearts out.
Be sure to CLICK HERE to see his live performance. :)

As I tucked Lucas into bed last night, I told him how proud of him we were for being so brave in front of all those people. He gave me a big hug and said, "Mommy, I loooovvvveeed it up there!" It's true, he really truly loves performing in front of big crowds. He must of got that from Grandpa J...not from me, that's for sure.

Great job Lucas. We are sooo proud of you!

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