Monday, December 7, 2009

Grandpa J - We Love You

Today, my Dad (aka...Grandpa J) goes in for hip replacement surgery. Yep, he's all checked out and today is the day. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Dad, these photos are for you. Here are your grandsons playing with the package you sent. As you can see, the packaging is one of the coolest parts. However, be sure to tell Grandma that the new PJ's were a big hit too! :)

Kids being kids.

Axel got very serious about this package opening stuff...he's getting ready for Christmas.
Lucas decided he wanted to box so, he deployed some distraction techniques.
Even a moment of kindness and...what?! Tenderness? I LOVE IT!
Then I saw these hanging out and I couldn't resist them...still can't! :)
Victory! Lucas was pretty proud of himself.
Axel seemed happy with the trade toy too. The doctors kit toys are his recent favorites.
Lucas had a ball in the box...
until it broke! I just love how cute this sad face is. I get to see it quite often...Mr. Drama! Aren't all four year olds? "Mooommmmy, now I can NEEEEVVVVEEER play with a box EVVVEEER again!"
Don't worry. Everything was better the next day when we got to decorate gingerbread cookies at our friends house...
And play with the MIXER. Axel is following in his brothers footsteps. He bypasses all the baby toys and goes straight for the appliances. In the bath, both kids fight over the sippy cup! Why do they make baby/bath toys??
Hope you love the photos Grandpa. We love you so much! Good luck today and with your recovery. (Good Luck to you too Grandma)
Love, Janelle Mike Lucas & Axel

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