Saturday, December 12, 2009

Star Wars

Daddy found tickets for Lucas* to Star Wars in Concert! Click here to see more. We thought this would be a great evening to spend with Lucas. It was our special night.

I sure had some excited to boys yesterday afternoon as we made preparations for the big evening. Axel went to our friends house to have fun with their 14 month old, Adian. Lucas, Mommy & Daddy headed to Cincinnati for the big show at the U.S. Bank Arena. We stopped for dinner at Panera Bread and then sat in rush hour traffic half expecting to miss the start of the show. Luckily, things picked up pace about 7 miles from downtown so we made it!!

Here Lucas, Yoda & Daddy are hiking down to our seats.Lucas was a little confused but very excited. I think he was expecting a movie theater, not an arena. We had great seats on the floor with great views.
Lucas was trying to figure out the lights, the smoke, the music...taking it all in!
*I think the tickets were for Daddy too.
Here's a view of the orchestra.
Anthony Daniels (actor who played C3PO in Star Wars) was the narrator and yes, he sounds just like C3PO.
After everything set in, the smiles came out. Lucas stood up for almost 2 hours watching the orchestra and movie clips. It was very dramatic and really neat to see.
Here's what the stage looked like.
Fire too!!
Lucas still loves Darth Vader.
Oh, the smoke machines were a huge hit too!
Everyone loved seeing our little Luke with Yoda on his back.
Best view in the house.
Look who we spotted...
Darth Vader
Oh, and the Death you can see, Lucas was tired of the camera by this point.
Opening clip: Click Here
It was such a fun night.

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