Monday, December 14, 2009

My Boys

Until today, it's been chilly here in Ohio. I know, not as chilly as Colorado and Montana and other places but this cold...a wet cold = colder than normal...that's my story anyways.

Regardless, it's winter so we've been playing inside more and doing a little decorating for the holidays.

Our little elf. Both Lucas and Axel LOVE the bells! I personally, love the PJ's...Thank You Grandma J!
We opted for no tree this year. We are going to help Grandma A decorate her tree in Oregon. However, to keep on excited 4 year old content, we decorated a pole. It's our first ever Christmas pole filled with lights and ornaments. Definitely not the same but pretty practical for this year. Most of our other decorations are homemade by Lucas. There are even a few old ones from when Mike and I were kids, like a little sugar bell I made in 3rd grade. I can't believe it's still around after all these years.

Oh, notice Daddy on the TV? He's a movie star and featured in a new rock climbing movie called The Continuum. (Click on the title to see the movie clip) It sure is fun to see Daddy climbing!
The Play Doh Fun Factory has kept Lucas occupied for days!!! The best $5 I've spent recently! Here he is making stars in outer space and yes, we even counted them.
We even tried to get a cute photo of the boys. It's cute but not what I was looking for. :)
Happy December everyone!


Susie said...

Fantastic! I can't wait to see the rest of the movie :)

Amy said...

I love your Christmas Pole. . . it's like Festivus! :-) That was a great idea! Glad to see you all doing well on here and I hope you have fun in Oregon!

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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