Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bekila Update

Remember this handsome boy?
Bekila is doing AWESOME and so are his parents, Darcy & Dave! New changes and opportunities are happening for their whole family so go check out what's new at

I'm sure Darcy & Dave would appreciate some extra love & support as they begin this new phase in their lives. Leave a comment if you have a moment. :) I'm so excited for them! We are so proud and happy for you, what a wonderful opportunity for all of you. Dave, be sure to call anytime if you needs some expert advice...HA!! Okay, maybe not "expert advice" but I am here for you. :)

I contacted Amanda, at Queen Bee Designs, to design a special necklace for Darcy. Amanda outdid herself this time. Thank you soooo much Amanda, you did good (great) (superb)!
Too see more of Amanda's beautiful work got to:

We love you Bekila!

1 comment:

Amy said...

What an amazing story about Darcy & Dave & Bekila. . . such a transition, but it sounds like they really see the blessing in it. And I love that necklace! Amanda is awesome. . . I ordered a necklace as a gift for my friend and loved it!

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