Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Packages

Living in Ohio creates a long distant relationship for both sets of grandparents. Don't you worry...they take great care of their grandson's! Two Easter packages arrived at the very same time and we had two very excited little boys who were not about to "wait until Eater to open!"

Grandma & Grandpa "A" sent a wonderful Easter filled box full of candy, books, games, water guns, etc. It was perfect! Lucas asked if he could eat his chocolate bunny for dinner and not have to wait until Easter which was sooooooooo far away! Axel went straight for the chocolate bunny too. Just how does he know that there are tasty treats inside? I have a feeling it's that beautiful shinny wrapper they use to lure you in. It worked!
It didn't take long for Lucas to figure out that Axel is an easy target with the water gun. I filled up both guns and came outside about a minute later to find Axel's hair and shirt dripping with water. He thought it was fun but Lucas didn't think it was fun after I started to shoot him with water. hehehehe :)
Grandma & Grandpa "J" also sent a wonderful package full of fun. Doctors/scientist coats, Star Wars cut outs, Christmas stockings that missed the Christmas package, stickers, etc. Another hit!
Axel loves bells!Happy Boy!
Perfect fit!
Later on that day we headed outside for some more sunshine. It's been HOT here in Ohio so it was time to bust out the popsicles. No matter how many times I showed Axel how to hold the stick and eat the icy treat, he insisted on doing it the opposite way.
Silly boy! He was a sticky mess with cold hands but still enjoyed his treat.
Then we were off to Kentucky for a rock climbing filled Easter weekend.

Thank you for the wonderful packages. We miss you Grandma & Grandpa A & J!
More to come...

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