Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We're Back

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for the long delay in getting the rest of my Easter photos posted. Daddy went to Florida for work and so did the computer. I couldn't muster up the patience to do a blog post on our old dinosaur computer. I value my time way to much to do such a silly thing.

We are back.


The rest of Easter Sunday was spent climbing with our friends from Tennessee. What a beautiful day!

Karissa and Axel shared lots of treats found in the eggs.Lucas went on a real treasure hunt too. He analyzed his map looking for the "X" marking the special spot.Success!
He usually finds little sticks, leaves, rocks and sometimes candy but today was a real treat. A Star Wars Blaster Gun from Grandma & Grandpa Jakulewicz. He was in shock!
Then it was happiness. He's been pretending to be various Star Wars characters everyday for over a month and to have a real blaster gun in his hand added to his pretend plans.
And here's our Little Storm Trooper!
Axel also is the owner of his very own light saber. We now of the green & red one and the ability to sword fight. Yes, we've had lots of talk about "control" and how Jedi's are VERY careful with their light sabers.
Back to sharing candy. Even Bella, the dog, got a few treats.Axel drove us back to the cabin.
Later that night, we started a camp fire while Axel snoozed in bed.
Lucas had the special "fire poker" job and he took it very seriously.
It wasn't until the ride home when Axel finally got the gun in his hands. Yep, Lucas was sleeping. :)
Easter would not be complete without a little egg dying. This was the perfect set up...Lucas outside and Axel napping inside. :) Next year, all Anderson boys can participate. :)
Happy Easter!

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