Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Morning

The boys woke up Easter morning (at our cabin) to animal baskets full of treats and fun. Axel was instantly excited about his new ball and eating chocolate treats. After tasting a few, Daddy had to redirect him to the egg hunt. Lucas, was so excited about his bubble gum tape and little insect capsules that he didn't even care about an egg hunt until later.
It's funny how fast little ones learn about the treats hidden inside the eggs. He grabbed and shook it instantly to determine that there was something good inside.
Lucas sees the cotton candy and butterfly net.
Axel was trying to figure out if he was allowed to dive in or not. We usually tell him, "Not for Axel" when he's getting into something he's not supposed to. He was happy to hear, "This is for Axel!"
He loves himself a good ball.
Then he learned all about the eggs.
Lucas was happy as a clam with his bubble gum tape. It always interesting to see what he gravitates towards first.
Mmmmmmm....I like this game.
Then he had to tell us all about how yummy that chocolate was.
That chocolate is true motivation. He was ALL about the egg hunt!
Then it was time for cinnamon rolls. Nothing like a little extra sugar added to the morning diet.
After getting dressed, Lucas remembered the egg hunt. It was like he was in a totally different world...then the light bulb came on and he was unstoppable.
What a fun morning. Little did the boys know, there was more excitement to come later in the day.


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Amy said...

They look so cute in their matching jammies!!

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