Thursday, May 5, 2011

Daddy's Big Birthday!!!

The BIG 34! Daddy has caught up with Mommy and is now 34 years old. Today, the sun came out which was probably the best gift he could have ever wanted. After weeks of rain, the sun sure was an amazing sight to see.

We took full advantage of the sunshine and Daddy's birthday.

Starting the celebration the night before, we had a tasty dessert. Axel made sure he wasn't missing out on anything.
Everything checks out!
He had handmade toast with super special birthday butter for breakfast before riding his bike to work. For lunch, we meet him outside his work for a Quizno's sandwich picnic and split a big, fat chocolate cupcake.

Waiting for Daddy.
Checking out possible trees to climb.
A special cupcake treat.
Nothing like a big, fat pile of frosting to kick start your birthday.
Axel jumped right in, he was certain it was all for him.
Lucas headed straight for the extra frosting we put in the box.
Our cupcake thief!
He did let Daddy have a bite but not with out some fussing.
It was a quick bite.
Axel gave Lucas a turn too.
While at work, the boys and I wrapped presents, made cards and purchased an ice cream cake.

When Daddy got home, we headed off for a family bike ride.
We ran into a little water.
Okay, a lot of water!
So much, that we had to turn around but it was fun for sure.
Axel was a little unsure.
At home, we made sweet pork tacos with homemade flour tortillas.
So delish!
Can you taste it?!?!?!
Moments after dinner, the boys quickly helped Daddy open some presents and then to the birthday cake. Axel is all about birthdays and when I told him about Daddy having a birthday, he was super excited. He sang Happy Birthday all day long so when it came to the real thing, he was ready to perform.
Happy Birthday Daddy!
Unfortunetly, the cake was a huge disappointment. We don't know if it was old or not but it had no flavor. It didn't ruin the day, Daddy got a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory so we made up for it the next night with some super awesome dessert!!

What a great day and check out this adorable card from Lucas.

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Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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