Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Change.

We have had an incredible spring climbing season despite all the rain. However, we needed a little change of scenery after climbing in the Red River Gorge for 2 1/2 months straight.

So, we headed to the New River Gorge in West Virgina to meet some friends and play outside.

The boys were so excited to go camping after roughing it in the cabin for the past year. We had big helpers and some serious tent wrestling!
Daddy was quickly reminded just how nice a cabin really is! :)
Silly happy!
Star Wars acting.
Tent wrestling...ATTACK!!
You can't go to the NRG without doing some climbing especially on a beautiful (dry), cool spring day. It's absolutely beautiful and the gorge it much more dramatic looking then the Red. It's just what everyone needed.
Lucas found a perfect climb with lots of fun holds.
Chris cheering on Daddy...
and getting his climb on. Sweet shoes and killer shirt Chris!Daddy and Fred found a 5.13 to keep them busy.The rock formed this incredible roof system. This climb goes up and then traverses straight right to a stunning arete. It looked tough for sure.
The sun was no help and Daddy went for a ride.
The boys stayed busy with a make-shift fort, rocks and sticks.
Daddy on "Puppy Chow" 5.12c. It's a beautiful route with one incredible roof. It ranks up there with his most favorite all time climbs!
View of the roof looking straight up.
Here is a side view. Impressive, huh?!
That evening, a camp fire was a must. Fred helped build the perfect fire and Lucas was occupied for hours...literally.
Axel was more interested in the food.
Especially the marshmallows.
Lucas loves roasting marshmallows too, just like his Mom. :)
Axel noticed that Lucas had his marshmallow on a stick. After a few minutes of trying to imitate Lucas, Axel gave up on his twig and went straight to the eating totally bypassing the roasting.

Do you see his stick?! It was adorable trying to watch him put that big marshmallow on that tiny stick.
Learning a little fire safety.
We woke up to gray skies so we quickly packed up the tent and barely missed the rain. Once it started, it did not stop. After a long breakfast, we decided to brave the rain for a game of frisbee golf. Axel greatly misunderstood the meaning of "frisbee park" and I greatly misspoke for even bringing up the "P" word. Axel is like a puppy with a one track mind after hearing the word "park!" Poor boy, he was a little confused/disappointed showing up to the frisbee golf course in the pouring rain wondering where the playground was.The forest course.
Axel quickly got the idea.
He was not totally impressed but finally understood that this was not your average park. He's used to dealing with our shenanigans!
The gang.
Still not willing to smile, but still cute as ever.
It was an awesome weekend!!!

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Maile Fano said...

How fun! And that is so stinking cute about the little twig to roast his marshmallow. What cute boys you have! If you ever come out this way, let me know and you can stay with us if you would like.

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