Friday, May 27, 2011

May Highlights

MAY is always a big month for us!

It starts out with Mike's birthday on the 5th, followed by Mother's Day and then my birthday on the 18th. Mixed in between; the end of another school year, Dayton Urban Night, the New River Gorge Rendezvous and the annual visit from our dear friends, The Cobbs. It's non-stop full and to top it off this year, we have been cleaning up the house to get it ready to be sold!
We've been busy to say-the-least!

END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR: Lucas finished up school this year with a family party day with fun and ice cream.

Arianna, Lucas' school love and best friend.
Ice cream sundaes.
Axel LOVES spending time at Lucas' school. As you can see, he has no problem fitting in.The Wii Just Dance for Kids was a huge hit too.
DAYTON URBAN NIGHT: This is basically a big downtown business promotion mixed in with lots of music and activities. The entire downtown area is transformed into a street party with the trolley used for transportation. Our dear friend, Kristina, was in town for a few weeks and joined us. This was a real treat because she came all the way from Hawaii!
We love Kristina!
Axel LOVED the trolley!
Daddy & Lucas checking everything out.
We stopped in at the library for a little arts & crafts.
MOMMY'S BIRTHDAY: I had the most wonderful birthday. It stared with a trip to the children museum with Axel, Lucas, Erin, Sarah & Ephraim.

Dino dig!
Then Axel helped make yummy ice cream cone cupcakes.
Kid tested and approved!
We then headed to the climbing gym before going to Don Pablo's for some dinner and wonderful margaritas.It ended at the Cobb's hotel with a sweet celebration by the fire.

Can you see the doubt in everyone on whether or not I could get all candles too lite?!
This is one determined Mom and guess what...
I DID IT!! (Thank you Lucas!)
And they were delicious!
Kristina even brought buy THREE Cheesecake Factory desserts one evening. Evil Woman!!! :)NEW RIVER RENDEZVOUS: This is a climbing festival in West Virgina that is chalked full of fun activities, movies, treats, music and tasty food. The boys love the fact that we get to go camping. The whole weekend that starts Friday night with Dessertapolooza! A million desserts all for free. Nothing like fueling up for some rock climbing competitions! (This is secretly why we go to the rendezvous!)
It didn't disappoint!Delicious!
Saturday morning kicks off the climbing competition. Mike entered this year and would be judged on his top 20 climbs and how they were climbed (1st, 2nd, 3rd try). Our friend, Paul, was nice enough to agree to be his belayer. We were there for support. Here he is getting ready to you can see, there are some steep climbs here too!This is one of the photos where my baby doesn't look much like a baby anymore. Sorry Axel, no matter how big you get...YOU'LL ALWAYS BE MY BABY!
Here's my other baby....DUST IS MY PASSION BABY!
He was in Heaven.
Dirty boy!
Axel had a big day! Notice the "FREE BABY" sign above his head...I know nothing about that!That night, it was my turn for a little climbing competition. I signed up for the Dyno Comp which is a competition among climbers to see how high you can jump from one hold to the next. There are numerous options for starting holds and ending hold each given a point value. In the end, I took second place! Not bad for a 35 year old Mom of two. :)

Here I am in the qualifying minute to do as many jumps as possible.
The party raged on and Lucas fell in love with Jade. She was basically our babysitter the entire weekend.
On Sunday, everyone was tired and we opted for a hike in the New River Gorge.
It was perfect!
Since then, we've had pool parties with the Cobb's, house work, a birthday celebration for Erin, house work, a girls evening watching the movie BRIDESMAIDS ...highly recommended!!!!, more house work and now we are getting excited to see Grandma & Grandpa Anderson. They will be spending the next 1.5 weeks with us here in Ohio.



Maile Fano said...

That was definitely a busy, but fun filled month for you! Congrats on taking 2nd place! How did Mike end up doing in his competition?

MrsKBJ said...

You were busy bees!! Your kiddos are so cute!! They take the cutest pictures :O)

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