Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cub Scouts Blue & Gold Banquet

The end of February held an exciting event for Pack 553 here in Niceville, FL. It was the Annual Blue and Gold Banquet where the Cub Scouts celebrate their rank advancements. In this house, Lucas the Bobcat turned into a WOLF!
The theme was UNDER THE BIG TOP and each Den was challenged to make a table top decoration for the record books. With $12, some awesome supplies, motivated Cub Scouts and some great leaders, Den 4 rocked it with our Circus Tower!!!!!
We went tall! Each Cub Scout made a flying trapeze cut out of themselves which became a wonderful topper. They colored the bodies and then we cut out a real photo of their heads. It was adorable. I should have taken better photos of each boy!
Anyways, here it the final tower! We think we did pretty awesome even though we didn't win overall. A close second right?!?

The event was a blast. It was potluck style with BBQ from Jim-N-Nicks, a favorite around here. There were skits, photo/video presentations, awards and a rank ceremony. Everyone involved did a wonderful job and the boys really did a wonderful time.

 The Bears did a funny dance skit and when "Gangnam style" came on, the crowd went wild.

 Especially this little guy...

 Axel is our dancer and he was jammin'!!

 Here's most of our crew.
 Den 4 (that's us) did a wonderful job at their skit. It was all about ice cream and they had the place laughing.

In the end, we took first place for the Best Skit and here the boys are getting their prize: Circus Peanuts!!
 I must make note that the video/photo team did an exceptional job on the presentation. It was amazing and even came along with a  killer music video. Kudos to them all for their time, hard work and dedication to the Pack. Awesome job!!

It was finally time for rank advancements.
See you later Bobcats...Hello Wolves!

 Making it official!

Some proud Wolves...some proud Cub Scouts all around!
 Photo both proved to be a hit!

WoW! What a fun experience for the whole family, Den and Pack!!!

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