Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras in HUGE in the South!! There's not one parade, there are 100's of parades scattered throughout all the communities spanning over a weekend all the way through Fat Tuesday. I have a feeling many people start drinking and celebrating on Friday night and remain in party mode until Wednesday around noon when they finally realize that they have to go back to work sober. :)
We jumped right into the fun on Friday night at Destin Commons. We choose the more kid friendly, non-alcoholic version of Mardi Gras and had a great time. The boys decorated their crowns, made noise makers, played at the park and still had plenty of energy for the parade. Beads, Moon Pies, stuffed animals and cups rained down upon them in an enormous manner. It was NUTS but oh so much fun!

Cheering on the floats and bead throwers.

Lucas loved wearing his stash. Axel opted for the "make Dad carry my stash" option.
Axel slowing down.

Lucas still ready to go!
 Friday night was such a huge hit that we decided to go to Pensacola on Saturday and step it up a little. This was a huge parade that happened to start near our favorite fish market. We got their about 4 hours early (oops), talked to the local parade hosts to stake out the best spot and then headed to the fish market.

Joe Patti's fish market is awesome and a must see for anyone in Pensacola! The prices are amazing and the fish, crab, lobster, etc. is super fresh. We don't have fish markets like that because Destin is a tourists zone. The fish markets are overpriced and more emphasis is put on eating out at one of the millions of restaurants to choose from. After discovering Joe Patties, we always take a cooler when headed to Pensacola!

After our breakfast consisting of Gelato and fresh bread samples (found at Joe Patties), we took a walk by the water and tried to burn up a little time.

Eventually, we staked out an awesome spot full of shade, grass and a super fun tree great for climbing. The kids made friends quickly while we waited 2 hours for the 200 float parade to start. It was packed and yes, we really did wait 2 hours. That was no exaggeration! People were camped out 4 hours, maybe more, prior to the 2pm parade start time.
Look at this handsome bunch!!
We got a little preview as we walked down the line up street. This was pretty mellow. I should have taken a photo of what it looked like 2 hours after this. The street was jammed packed and it was a huge line of floats, party goes and loud music! Quite the celebration just waiting for the parade to start!
Lots of themes and lots of fun costumes!

Getting ready!
Crazy big floats loaded with beads.

Finally, the parade began! These pros made out FAT!!

So did this handsome pro!! :) Lookin' good Honey!

Going through the loot at home.

Over 300 necklaces alone! Anyone need some Mardi Gras beads???
We weren't done yet but we did get a two day break before heading to Baytowne Wharf to celebrate FAT TUESDAY! We thought the cold weather would scare off some people but that was not the case. Just like us, people bundled up and enjoyed catching bead from the balconies above.

 Eventually the parade started. This one was predominantly made up of elderly golf cart drivers trying to navigate crowds, beads, candy and stay on course. It was comical for the most part. We almost got run over once but it was a slow speed near accident. :) Hilarious!!


We did it! We made the most of Mardi Gras 2014. Not sure how many Mardi Gras parades are held in Colorado but we have enough beads, stuffed animals and Moon Pies to hold our very own!

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