Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gulf Breeze Zoo

While Dad was out house hunting in Colorado, we headed to the "local" zoo. Gulf Breeze is about an hour away and the kids love going. It's small but the bird house is really what draws them back. This time, we were invited to join the Cub Scouts so we had quite the group!
We took the train ride which took us way out to see Gorillas and the fattest Hippo ever!!! No pictures of the animal but a great shot of Elam an Axel.
We spent most of our times in the bird house. The boys love feeding these friendly little guys.

 There was more than just seeing animals!

 Lucas was almost an Emu snack! Talk about up close and personal!
It was a beautiful day and we want to thank the Bears Cub Scout Den for letting us join in on all the fun.

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