Thursday, March 6, 2014

Random Catch Up

Here are a few random photos I still thought were blog worthy. :)
Grayson and Axel at Science Center for birthday party.

Lunch with Lucas before Mom and Dad head to Colorado to look for a new house.

Little Etta trying a lime while the adults enjoy a little lime in the form of margaritas. :) Etta is my dear, dear friends Darcy and Dave's youngest addition.

Darcy's Mom, Nancy and my Dad are long, long, long time friends! Yep, Darcy and I were friends before we were born!

My new 5 year old still lovin' Legos.

I always check on the boys before I head to bed. One night this is what I discovered snuggled together in the top bunk! I'm sure it made Axel's month, he's such a snuggler and a huge Lucas fan.

Lucas posing for his Cub Scout trapeze person. :) Love those new front teeth and that sweet necklace too!

We snuck away for a day to hit Sand Rock which is located in northern Alabama. It was super fun and here is our token shot from the day.


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Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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