Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Break Part One: Red River Gorge

Spring Break is usually reserved for the Red River Gorge and this year was no exception. There was one huge upgrade this year, DADDY WAS HERE AND NOT DEPLOYED! We took full advantage of our Spring Break and had a wonderful family vacation aka Flordia escape!

The boys love being outside and romping around building forts and playing games. The weather was most days and we hardly saw these two when climbing.
Axel man

Lucas breaking ice they found in a small creek. It provided hours of entertainment.

Kentucky rock hidden in the hollers.

Yep it snowed...twice or maybe three times. We sure didn't mind.

This is the usual set up with a blanket, snacks, reading book and blank note book for drawing. All other toys and tools are found at the crag and aka rocks and sticks.
Rest day hike at Natural Bridges

These boys still have hiking muscles despite being current residents in flatland Florida.

Check out those tree roots!
Axel on the bridge!
Balancing rock.

Standing on the bridge. See the rock cliff in the distance? That's where the next photos are taken from.

Natural bridge.
Axel pondering how we just walked across that very same bridge he now sees across the valley.

Another is pretty darn cool!

My boys!

Climbing again. This is a crag called DRIVE BY where we spent many days climbing really fun routes. Daddy had a project and came oh so close to sending. Good job Daddy!
More Kentucky rock!
Rest Day hike to another more obscure arch. 

Climbing day at Funk Rock City.

When I was pregnant with Axel, we hiked out to climb at Funk Rock City. There is a beautiful, classic climb called Orange Juice a 5.12c that Daddy climbed. It looked amazing and Mommy decided that one day she would come back to do it. It's a long hike and faces the sun so clouds were a must. With a cool, cloudy day we thought we would give it a try.

River crossing. No one fell in. :)


The boys had fun with rock while I warmed up for Orange Juice

I was so excited to see the route. It was just as beautiful as I had remember it 5 years earlier. I wanted so bad to red point this route and my warm up was a little shaky. It's more vertical climbing which suits me well but I'm a little out of practice. After getting my bearing back on a warm up climb and my wonderful husband hanging the draws, I was ready to give it a go!

It has three distinct difficult areas and the first one about wiped me right off. I held on tight and with the excitement and fear of possibility having to do those sharp moves again, I decided then and there that I would send this route...AND I DID!! I flashed it! No falls, no panic. I was just pure fun and I loved every bit of it. What a sweet reward to all the hard work I put into training. Thanks Daddy for your encouragement and advice!! Looks like the family gets chocolate cake!!!

We did not get photos but here is one to give you an idea of why it's called OJ.

photo courtesy of GOOGLE Images

After that, the boys got their climb on! Great work both of you!

It was an awesome Spring Break!!!! We will miss the Red River Gorge but know that we can always come back and visit.

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