Friday, April 18, 2014

Apalachicola, FL

Apalachicola, FL is a few hours drive to the East. It's an old, historic, quaint town which was once the 3rd largest shipping port on the Gulf. Checking it out had been on our list of years because it's an area in Florida not overrun with hotels, clubs and chain restaurants.

After an annoying Saturday drive through Panama City, FL we took a little detour to check out Cape San  Blas. It's located in St. Joseph Peninsula State Park which is a 17 mile peninsula that creates St. Joseph Bay. It's a seashell collector's dream. Within minutes we had numerous shells and found our first fully intact sand dollar. We should have spent more time but we needed to get to Apalachicola before dark. Oops, no photos of that but I do have these...

Fishing boats at the dock in Apalachicola.
I caught a fish THIS big!

Sponge shop was really cool

Sponges in all shapes and sizes

Apalachicola....I love saying APALACHICOLA! Anyways, they are famous for their oysters and we were told, once you have Apalachicola Oysters you'll never like any others. We aren't big oyster people but we decided that we had to try some. Like they say, "When in Rome..."They did not disappoint. They were very good and so was the fresh shrimp!

Famous oysters
The boys wanted nothing to do with the seafood so they read books and tried to ignore us and our weird food.

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