Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Break Part Two: Dayton, OH

We decided to join Daddy on his business trip to Dayton, OH. It was great to combine it with the boys Spring Break and fun to go back to some favorite places. Top of the list was the USAF Museum.  Lucas remembers bits and pieces of the museum but it was all new to Axel. We had a blast! They even added a cool new Space Shuttle Simulator Display which is a great addition to an already fabulous museum.
This was still their favorite room...the missiles are so cool to see and just so tall!
New display which helped Axel understand how a school bus really could fit into a space shuttle.
It's pretty big and we got the look when caught running up the long ramp. Oops!
Axel requested this photo. The front and tail end of the display are to scale and make you feel very small.

Cool info on how it was transported to Dayton.
Smaller model

Cockpit time for Lucas

Pilot Axel at the controls
A trip to Dayton would not be complete without visiting our favorite Ohio peeps! Thanks Catie for letting us spend the day with your beautiful family! It was so fun to get to meet the new additions!! :)
Rain or shine, this crew gets outside...EVERYDAY!!

Back to the museum and the annexes.

We even made a quick stop in at our old house. It's in beautiful condition and we love, love, love our renters. We will be sad to see them go but if all goes as planned they will pass on the torch to some good folks! :)

I took photos of my little trees. I planted two of them years ago when they were only 6 inches tall and barely a twig. They both are alive and well.

It was fun to go back to Dayton and the few days we were there was the perfect amount. We were reminded about those cold, gray days and do not miss that aspect!

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