Friday, April 18, 2014

Cubtona 500: Box Car Races

There were some awesome cars and they definitely inspired some designs for next years comp.
We needed a healthy break from packing boxes so we headed to the Cub Scout Pack Meeting. This was a special one because it was the Cubtona 500 Boxcar Race Day!  Our boys were given some boxes, paper, ribbon, glue and markers so they could create their very own box cars. They were small, compact and simple so the competition was unsuspecting.  HA! Don't judge a book by it's cover or in this case, don't judge a box car by it's lack of fancy designs and spray paint... 
Axel in front of our two racers.

Axel was sure to check out each and every car on the line up.
Axel's Race. The siblings were allowed to race and they got to be first. The course was long 4 laps to run. After each lap, there was a mandatory pit stop requirement.
1. Windshield cleaning (cleaning off glasses)
2. Refueling (drinking water and eating a cracker)
3. Tire change (taking shoes and socks off, flipping socks inside out and putting shoes back on).

These kiddos were the guinea pigs for the track and they did awesome!!

All ready to go.

Following pace car for the first lap.


Lucas & Dad were the pit crew helping Axel

Tire Change

Coming across the finish line in 2nd Place!!!

Proud Daddy!! Great job Axel!!
Lucas was up next and boy was he ready. It was determined by the sibling race that the course should be shortened. Lucas' group was able to test out the more streamlined course. Lucas meant business! I've never seen him get so agro and serious about a race before. It was cool to see!

Engines ready to roll!

Pre-race briefing.

Pace car trying to keep control

The pit stop area

He was off!

Look who's coming in first place!!

Despite a few hang ups along the way he pulled off the win!

Victory lap. Way to go Lucas!!

Cool down! CONGRATS Team Anderson!!

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