Thursday, April 23, 2009


We finally got brave and decided to take the boys tent camping last weekend. We checked the weather early in the week and it looked perfect. Our mistake, not checking the weather again until Saturday night after hearing rumors of rain storms...oops!

The boys did great! Everyone slept great and Axel thought he was in Heaven with a "free buffet" all night long. It was a pleasant experience which truly was amazing. The only not-so-fun-part, the rain, which started at 4am Sunday morning. Nope, it couldn't have waited until we got all packed up! It ended up being a full day of rain but luckily, climbing at The Red is so steep you can even do it in total down pours. We bundled everyone up in their rain coats and set out for a very rainy and muddy hike to the climbing crag. Once there, it was perfectly dry and turned out to be an enjoyable day. The hike out was wet but we survived that too!

One thing I didn't do, was take good photos to document the real feel of the camping trip or rain. Oh well, there will be other opportunities to do this but I do wish I had a few good rainy shots for the record.

Our weekend started Friday morning with a play date at Ellery & Adeline's house. Adeline is 8 months and all about her newly found freedom...crawling! It's fun to watch Catie's girls and get a glimpse of what Axel will be doing in the near future. What huge changes babies go through in their first year of life!

Adeline is checking out baby Axel...
and wasted no time to go see what he was all about. Then Mom (Catie) jumped in.
Beautiful Ellery. This girl has been waiting for Spring all Winter and can finally wear all her Summer clothes without freezing!Then it was off to The Red. We had a good sized crew which is always nice. Kristina, Jim, Alan, Mike, Lucas, Axel, Lena, Daniel, Alyssa and me.

Here Lucas is getting to know Alyssa who is 6 years old.
Mommy even got to climb. I broke out the old trad gear and lead a pitch...super fun! It's been so much fun to climb again without a big belly in the way. I'm slowly getting my strength back and happy we have The Red so close.Kristina climbing.
It's definitely Springtime! The toads were out...
and so were the snakes! This one scared the crud out of me at first.
It was impressive to watch this guy climb in the trees...and a little creepy too. We kept our distance and he did his own thing. I think he really wanted that toad!
So this is what Axel thought of camping...
but once all bundled up, he didn't think it was so bad. :) The sleeping bag outfit was a huge hit!Back at home, everyone got to soak off the layers of mud and dirt.At 13 lbs already, Axel barely fits in his bath tub!
Yes, I know...
I've promised to post Axel's two month photos. However, it's hard to post when I can't find the cord to download them. I have them, just can't post them yet but very soon. :)

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Amy said...

What a sweet surprise to see Miss Catie and her beautiful girls on here! She really needs to start a blog! Please pass on that I love her haircut and she is looking fabulous. I'm so glad you guys have connected!

Also love the camping pictures. . . Axel really reminds me of Lucas in that one picture!

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