Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend started for us on Friday morning. We headed over to our good friends house for a little egg dyeing and lunch. It was so much fun and I was quickly reminded how much I love holidays and doing fun things like dyeing eggs! We minimized the mess using cookie sheets but the biggest tip I have, don't do it alone. :) Having two Moms to help was perfect!

Lucas, Vera Gail and Emmett.
Katie & Gareth coloring eggs.
Katie & Vera Gail
The whole gang! Lucas, Emmett, Gareth & Vera Gail...this is serious business!
While the kids waited for the eggs to dry so they could put the stickers on them, they got to make 'resurrection rolls' - they wrapped a jumbo marshmallow in crescent roll dough, which symbolized Jesus being put in the tomb, and then as the roll cooked, the marshmallow left a hollow space in the middle, so when they bit it open they found an empty tomb. :-) (And those empty tombs sure taste yummy!)

Lucas making his rolls and smiles!
Mommy & Axel helping and watching
That afternoon we headed to Kentucky to start our climbing weekend. We drove through a nasty storm and about drove through a tornado. It was a little scary but in the end we all made it safe and had time to go on a rainy hike. Lucas was so excited to get out of the car and the hike was a refreshing (wet) treat for us all.

The next day we met some new friends and went climbing. We have to have lots of friends climbing these days. The boys both did awesome and we had so much fun. The bouncy seat was a wonderful addition!
Our new friend, Lena, who also has two older children. Lucas was in love! There's Daddy with Axel too.
The next morning was Easter!! To Lucas' surprise, the Easter bunny made a trip to our hotel. There were eggs everywhere and he even brought a fun game of Mouse Trap.

Mouth full of chocolate! No time to smile...must eat chocolate before mom makes me eat breakfast!
Looking for eggs, that Easter bunny sure can be silly.
SOOOOO EXCITED!! I love egg hunts too! :)
Are there anymore eggs?
Axel took part in all the Easter fun too!
Then back for another beautiful day of climbing. The rock was perfect hiding eggs.
Lucas was our egg hider and handed out candy to everyone we passed....good lesson on sharing. :)
Making sure he got them all.
Axel watching the egg hunt.
What a beautiful weekend, we hope you all had a wonderful Easter.
God is good!...GREAT!!!

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Amy said...

What a great weekend for you guys! I love the Resurrection Rolls. I've never heard of those but will have to try them next year.

Love seeing you Andersons out there in the thick of things, like always! So glad you found a great place to climb!

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