Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A True Anderson

This photo is for Grandma J...check out these frog pants. Too cute, thanks Grandma! Axel is 8 weeks old!!
Daddy getting his smiles, he missed his family and we missed him too!
Axel has been climbing a few times with us at the indoor gym. However, this past weekend was the real deal! Axel went to the Red River Gorge for the very first time. He's a true climbing Anderson now and did great!!

Mommy and Axel at the base of the cliff.
The Red is no place for staying clean, especially if you are 3 1/2! This is the dirtiest place we've ever climbed but boy did Lucas have fun. The dirt is dark, fine, messy and so cute all over Lucas' face.
You should have seen him by the end of the day! Too bad my camera battery died. Mommy and Daddy back to climbing...hurray!
Axel chillin' out on his blanket and loving the fresh Kentucky air.
Snack time!

We were lucky to have the whole gang with us. Kristina, Mike, Lucas, Jim, Tommy & Amy...thanks for everyone's help!
Kristina, Mike and Lucas sharing hot chocolate even though it was in the 60's! This is a very important part of the climbing experience for Lucas.
Mommy showing Axel the climbing scene.
Swinging Time!
No leaves on the trees just yet but very soon.
Daddy helping out with the swinging.
Axel staying cozy and warm as the day went on. What a trooper!

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Susie said...

You're such a stud! I'm a little envious of all that sunshine you guys got to soak up :)

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