Monday, April 27, 2009


A little cute boy to start out today's blog post...

Axel & Kristina
Oh. how I love babies and those smiles will melt your heart!!
Another week flew by and all of a sudden, it was FRIDAY! I still love Fridays even though I no longer have to sit in a cubical and wait for them. Friday means a start to a fun family weekend and this one was no exception.

We started out with a visit to Shoup Park with my book club groupies and the kiddos had a blast. It was our first 80 degree day and a perfect day to get some fresh air and running around.
Oh Susie, I know you will love this one! Love you lady!
Lucas was so excited that Daddy was home when he woke up from nap. Happy boy!
Big hugs and then straight to the park to test out the new baseball tee.
Daddy got the matching "baseball" caps out and they were out to play some ball.
I think Lucas thought Daddy was nuts half way through explaining how to stand and swing and hit. He took it all in stride and was having a ball!
Mommy and Axel were there to cheer them on...
and blow bubbles of course. :)
Oh yeah, we got motivated the other morning. Made a trip to Home Depot for lawn mower oil and found some beautiful pansies to plant. What a great way to freshen up the front of a house. They make me smile each time I walk by. What a gorgeous Friday afternoon!
The next morning we headed to The Red for some more climbing. We had to get an early start because of the heat. We also decided not to mess with camping and get a hotel room...NFL Draft is a big deal in this house. :)

We had a wonderful time climbing and were surprised that it was still nice climbing in the shade even though the temps were near 90 degrees. It was a great weekend to test out our new kid tent. Lucas wanted to share with Axel and actually did a great job doing so.
Excited about the tent but not the camera....maybe the tent should be named Lil' Stinker(s)!
We brought some new sand toys to play in the "sand"...I mean DIRT with. They were a big hit and kept some one very occupied. This is very dirty dirt but like they say, you ain't seen nothin' yet!
Yep, it got way worse! Just how dirty can a three year old get if you let him?
Is that the pee dance? Lucas, do you have to go potty? No....meaning Yes. Hurry!!!!Oh NO, don't do that! Yuck! Child, if you could only see yourself! Good thing Mommy was an art major and used to cleaning up messes. :) Hotel showers and a fresh change of clothes were a big help too. However, we didn't make it straight to the bath without a little nap in between. Guess who go to sleep in this bed? :)
Eventually we got everyone cleaned up and the boys watched the NFL Draft while Mommy read her now new favorite book...The Shack by William Paul Young. IT IS AMAZING! I would recommend it to everyone!!!!! It will change your life in the best way ever. :) It is one of the most amazing views I've ever read about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit...excellent!!!!

God Bless!


Susie said...

You are so gonna get it!

I love the dirt, I need some dirt in my life. I need some balance- all tis girly stuff is overkill lately... glad your weekend was so fun!!

Amy said...

Oh, where to start?! Axel is adorable and seeing his photos has me so excited to meet our #2! The play group at the park photo has me reminiscing about our days at Fox Run Park and has me just a teeny bit sad that Rich didn't end up at AFIT too!

That little tent is great and I LOVE just how dirty Lucas got!

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