Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

We had rain all week and all weekend. I do love rain and after living in Utah and Colorado, it sure is nice to have so much moisture. We haven't had to turn on a sprinkler and we have the greenest grass ever! Amazing!

Last Friday was Girls Night Out...with the exception of Axel. He was the ladies man that evening at the Cheesecake Factory. It was pouring rain and we felt bad for all the Prom Goers. It was delicious and we had a great time.

I "borrowed" this group photo from my friend Dana's blog. Thanks Dana!

From Left to Right: Dana, Susie, Kristina, Janelle (and Axel), Some Random Guy, Christine, Susy, and Janice.Susie & Dana

Janelle, Axel, Kristina...oops, waiter came and I didn't get photos of the others...sorry.

What else do you do in the rain? Take your family climbing and camping...of course! :)

I know a few of you have asked how we climb while it's raining? The rock is so steep, it creates a nice covered area to hang out and climb under...or sleep, if you are Axel. He loves his climbing tent! It rained a bunch but we stayed dry until it was time to hike.

After climbing we headed to a new camping area called Lago Linda's. They have covered camping and great bath houses. Axel discovered his car bug so we had a chance to get everything set up. He was starring so intently buy caught my eye when I took the photo.
This weekend was an exception for sure. Lucas made lots of friends and so did Mom & Dad. We met another Air Force couple climbing, but get this...the have TRIPLET GIRLS who are 6 years old and they have a 6 month old girl too!!!! Yes, they were out in the rain and dirt climbing too! Boy, we have nothing to complain about with only two boys. Lucas was instantly greeted with 3 smiling faces and ran around with the girls all afternoon. They told jokes, played hide-n-seek, talked, ran and got super dirty. I forgot my camera...shooters...but was able to track down one of the girls later that evening. She loved Lucas. So did the others but trying to get them all together at once for a photo would have been nearly impossible. They are not afraid of dirt either! So fun!!! Oh, did I mention they all live in Dayton too! We are not the only crazys out here!
Here's Daddy and Axel. You can see the covered camping in the back. This was wonderful because it rained most of the night.
Lucas even got to test out the shower in the bath house. Here he is, already for bed.
Axel was already in bed! :)
Lucas getting all snuggled up!
Here's a photo of Lucas' Keen shoes...they are great and water proof too. If only they were dirt and mud proof?!


Lisa Brake said...

I know what you mean about Lucas' Keen shoes. Scarlett is so active that we knew we couldn't get her delicate, girly sandals for the summer. They just wouldn't last. So, we went to REI and got her a pair of toddler Keen sandals. I love the toe cap and that the sandals are so wide and comfortable for growing feet. Besides that, Keens are so cute.

Amy said...

How fun to have a girls night out! And I love that photo of Axel sleeping in the sleeping bag!

(oh, we got the DVD today--can't wait to watch it!)

Susie said...

I love my keens- but they have NEVER looked like that. You go Lucas!

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