Saturday, May 30, 2009


Lucas had one request for Grandpa Anderson when he came to visit. Lucas wanted Grandpa to take him fishing...and so he did.

Day 1.
Shopping List
- One kid pole
- One cane pole (to be used while Grandpa untangled the kid pole)
- One can of worms

Practice makes perfect. Fishing
To the pond they went.
Yes, Lucas really thinks fishing = catching thanks to the stocked pond by our house.
He wasn't too sure about the fish but they sure were fun to reel in.

Axel watched and learned too.
The rain finally ended Day 1 after about 2 hours. This boy is hooked!DAY 2.
Back for more. Fishing is fun when you catch fish the instant the worm hits the water.
Day 3.
Back again, this time with a fresh buzz cut!
Daddy taking lessons too.
Then, the BIG one.
Come to find out, Lucas was terrified of the fish even after three days of fishing. We tried to get him to touch one but only managed to get him to look at it...barely! Nice looking bass, way to go Lucas!
Axel slept through all the excitement.

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