Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

First off, check out Mr. Axel. Can anyone tell me how I can slow him down? He's growing WAAAAY TOOO FAST!

We packed up the boys and headed to the Red River Gorge (RRG) for another weekend of climbing and camping. This was a special trip because we got to test out our new 4 person tent! It was wonderful! I know Mike is afraid I'll pack twice as much stuff now that we have extra room. Hmmmm...inflatable matress?

If it wasn't for Lucas, we would not have half the friends in the RRG as we do now. This boy breaks down any barriers of shyness at that camp ground. We have met a wonderful group from Knoxville, TN and Lucas fell head over heels for Charrisa!

She might be a little older than him but she's a true kid at heart!

Bentley is another friend Lucas is infatuated with and keeps tabs on wherever he is.

Here Lucas got to meet the REAL Lago Linda! I think he was a little confused to find out that on her property.

The weather was a little warm on Saturday but we had the place to ourselves so there was no complaining. This was a treat for sure on such a busy weekend. We can thank Daddy for this treat. He woke up at 6am to register us all for a day of climbing at Torrent which is privately owned. They limit the number of climbers and for some reason we were the only ones to sign up.
On Sunday we headed to another quiet crag and only saw a few other climbers. Very unexpected on Memorial Day weekend.

Lucas got in some swings too!

Axel got in some holds!

We came home early on Monday to meet Grandma & Grandpa Anderson at our home! They're here for a week!

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Amy said...

What a great weekend. I always love seeing your advenrures!

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