Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mom's Day Weekend

What could be better than a weekend camping in the rain, the sun and the wind with your family? Okay, I'm sure a million things unless you are in our family! :) Yes, we are half crazy but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Climbing is top priority for Spring time weekend but we did take a little time to go explore the Red River Gorge Natural Arches.

Little ones...
and big ones!
As you can see, Lucas just sees puddles. He didn't really understand that splashing puddles on top of an arch is a little dangerous to say the least. Good thing Daddy is so strong!
Have no fear, Daddy remained calm and got everyone across. I love this photo!
The trail led to the bottom so we could get a great view of what we just walked over. Pretty cool.
Does a little boy poop in the woods?! Wouldn't be a real Mom's Day Weekend without some real Mom's work. :)
After taking care of business, it was off to the races. Mr. Do-It-By-Myself is now crossing Big!
We even let him cross the river by himself.
Axel needed a little help, thank goodness! I'm not ready to have two runners just yet.
All the excitement wore this boy out!
We really like camping at Lago Linda's. Here are a few photos to show what it looks like. The covered areas are for eating and sleeping which are wonderful in the rain. It rains a ton in the Spring! I was able to capture some non-rainy photos of the place.

Here's the view in the rain. This is no little Colorado rain, this is tropical rain forest rain.

It's all the same to the boys...FUN!
Popcorn is a pretty big deal in our house after dinner. So, when Mike pulled out popcorn while camping it was HUGE!
Lucas was so excited and amazed how it worked.
Look at this! A photo of the WHOLE that's a great Mom's Day gift!
The next day brought sun and fun in the dirt, of course.

Lucas & Mommy & a Little Dirt
Axel & Mommy & a Little Chub
Lucas made me a beautiful card and photo frame. Mike took us all out for dinner and ice cream on Monday night after a busy weekend of rain and sun, hikes and climbs, love and laughs...IT WAS AWESOME! I love being a Mom and I love my family so much. I thank God everyday for the life He has given us and the daily treasures we find together as a family. Thank you Mike, Lucas & Axel...I LOVE YOU ALWAYS & FOREVER!

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