Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daddy's Day

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Daddy's birthday preparations started the day before with making a BIG card and attempting to make an ice cream cake. Lucas loves airplanes and decided to make one all by himself for Daddy. He did eventually let me help write a birthday message. Serious business.
Axel watched intently. (Check out those cheeks!)
Lucas cut and glued everything all by himself...I was very proud! He even decorated with stickers and some hearts for the final touch. Here is the final product.
Then we "wrapped" Daddy's big present and decorated that too.
As soon as Daddy got home, Lucas was ready to help unveil the surprise...reclining lawn chair!
Lucas stashed all the other gifts under the chair for extra surprises.
Mommy wrapped all Daddy's presents with catalog pages from Athleta...beautiful swimming scenery. :)
Big Birthday hugs!
Oh yeah, Mommy was there too. I have a wonderful cold so I was looking about as good as I felt. :) Good thing there are two good looking boys to enhance the photo.
We were then off to Cliffton Gorge for a run and hike.
Lucas' favorite sign!
Here is the actual gorge. I love all the fresh green leaves on everything.
Lucas hiking and collecting dandelion seed puffs.
Daddy checking out the rock...of course. :)
Mommy & Axel enjoying the waterfall.
Axel just started to really laugh and giggle and it's so much fun. Here he is at dinner practicing. Mmmm...BBQ for the whole family.Daddy was the birthday boy for sure and boy is he loved!.
After dinner, it was biking riding time. Lucas was given a real bike from one of our friends here in town. Thank you Katie! It came with training wheels and a new helmet too! So big!
And sooo fast!
Daddy even got a special C-5 flyby right over our neighborhood.
They fly right over our house on occasion...special occasions! Our house is in the background on the right side. Nice and close to the park which is wonderful for potty time!
Axel was awake and enjoying the beautiful evening too.
Riding bikes to the park is a must, just like swinging!
Daddy's birthday would not be complete without birthday cake! This was my first attempt at a real ice cream cake. It definitely lost points in the beautiful category and my homemade chocolate ice cream looked more like cookies-n-cream (separating issues with the melted chocolate in the ice cream mixture???). By the time it was all frozen enough to fully frost, I decided that the layer look would be just fine. As for how it tasted? I have no idea, with a cold I can't taste anything! :) I'm sure Cold Stone would have been a bigger hit but there was no complaints and this one truly was made with love.
Close up!
Must not be too bad! :)
After cake, Lucas was bouncing off he walls! We sent him outside for some fresh air. He decided to finished off the evening with a quick trip to his new sand box. It was getting dark but not as dark as the photos make it look.

Phew! What a wonderful day. Daddy, we all love you so, so much and had a great time with you. We hope you had a very Happy Birthday! Thanks for being such a great husband and father (Daddy).

Happy Birthday! WE LOVE YOU!!!

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Mike. You sure were King for the day with all the love and special treats from your awesome family!

Lucas is growing up so fast--the card was awesome and I can't believe my eyes seeing him on a real bike!

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