Saturday, May 16, 2009

Axel: 3 Months Old

3 months!

Amazing how much Axel has changed in just a few months. He weighs at least 14 lbs, a big boy! He has discovered his hands and they are really tasty. He rolls from his front to back, can grab things and bring them to his mouth and watches everything going on around him. Axel's face lights up when he makes eye contact as you can see in the photos. He giggles and laughs, and has milk dreams that make him smile while he sleeps. He has a tired song and whines a little right before falling asleep unless there's milk.

Axel definitely keeps Lucas in his sights and stares intently on him. When Lucas takes the time to give him eye contact, smiles beam between the two. When there in no eye contact, it's serious starring. Mike's convinced it is because Lucas is his biggest threat! He's probably right but whatever it is, it is so neat to see the connection they already have. Lucas is so gentle and helpful, truly a wonderful big brother.

My babies are growing too fast. I just want to bottle them up and slow things down. I know this is not possible except through photos and journals so all I can do is enjoy each day. I do. I love staying home with them and what a treat that I'm fortunate enough to do so.

I love you both very much! You too Mike, thanks for all your help and are a WONDERFUL FATHER!!


Phil and Dana said...

That little smile is too adorable! I love reading all about him, but it's so silly that I don't see him (and you) more!

Amy said...

He's so adorable! And the time does pass so quickly. . . seems even more so the second time around!

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