Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Today I realized how many photos I've recently taken and not posted. We have been so busy with Spring...this is climbing season so I'm behind in our non-climbing activities...aka LIFE.

So, today will be a little trip to highlight the past few weeks.

Remember the delicious cupcakes Lucas made and decorated? We saved a few tasty cakes for our BBQ. Erin & Brent Cobb were in town with their two kids the same time Heidi & Eric were in town house hunting. We thought it was a perfect time to catch up and enjoy cupcakes too!

Lucas & Sarah...they were both born in Colorado Springs a few months apart. Lucas' first girlfriend!
See how tasty they were?
How cute is this girl?! Can't blame Lucas for digging this one. Rumor has it, they're going to get married...this is according to Sarah. Sounds good to us, we will have amazing wedding photos with her moms talent and get great in-laws. :)
Don't forget about this big boy, Ephraim is adorable even with cupcake smeared everywhere!
Heidi & Axel getting acquainted. Crazy pilot girl!
The rest of the crew: Erin, Mike, Brent & all know what I look like!

Lucas LOVES Heidi & Erin and loves to hear all about their adventures flying the C-17. Pilots are soooo cool! We are excited to have them join us next Fall here in Dayton. Hurray!---------
We had a little play date at my friend Catie's house. Axel got to know a little lady on his own. Meet Miss Adeline!
Okay Mom, she's getting a little close...

Yikes!! MOM - GIRLS ARE SCARY!! Son, learn this lesson early and you'll be better off in the long run. :)And our guitar hero...
Yep, Lucas had his last day of school. They had a little program singing all sorts of songs and Lucas is quite the performer. He had a ball!!!
Three Green Speckled of my childhood favs!He was so happy and so proud. Just as he should be.Time for awards: Lucas got the BEST KID award! Everyone in his class was a winner...thank you Mrs. Crum and Mrs. Hannebaum. See you next Fall.
Wegerzyn Gardens Metro Park is located near downtown Dayton and has wonderful flower gardens and kids area. Lucas was amazed to find a REAL water pump. We were busy for some time!

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