Tuesday, June 9, 2009

17 Pounder

Axel is 4 months old today and had his doctors check up yesterday. He tipped the scales at 17 lbs 11oz! I'm not sure if I totally believe it but he is a big boy for sure. Yikers! No wonder my arms are getting tired and my back hurts. :)

All about Axel...
- Weighs 17 lbs 11oz (Note: This is what Lucas weighed at one year)
- Height 25 in
- Head 42 cm
- 97% in baby size chart
- Loves sucking on his right first three fingers. If he can get his hands, a blanket and pacifier stuffed in his mouth at the same time, he's super pleased with himself.
- He discovered his toes which are sooo fun to play with but hasn't sucked on them yet.
- Loves to smile and is a huge flirt. If he catches your eyes, he gives free smiles.
- Giggles and laughs
- Ticklish under the arms and on his feet
- Sings a tired song (whine) when it's time for bed
- Loves to eat! Obviously
- Very happy in the morning but likes to sleep in too
- Likes the TV or computer screen or any other cool lights
- Loves his brother and still watches everything he does
- Startles fairly easily but rarely cries...we still get the hand flair
- His eyes aren't sure what color to be. Right now, they are brown, hazel, green, gray.
- Will talk and coo but most of the times just likes to watch what's going on
- Drools a ton!
- Sleeps in the car really well
- Very mellow boy and goes with the flow! This is a great trait to have if your an Anderson!
- Loves his tag blanket and other little soft blankets to grab and suck on.

You have been a true blessing in our family. You have reminded us how wonderful it is to have a baby in our home and you make us smile everyday. We love watching you grow and discover the world around you. We are all amazed how fast 4 months has gone by and how big you've grown in such a short time. We love you so much and are so happy to have you part of our family. God has such an amazing way of showing His love for us especially through a baby, a baby like you! So precious, a true miracle and an amazing gift. Thank you God! We are so thankful. Axel we love you with all our hearts and can't wait to continue on this journey of life with you!
Your Family,
Daddy, Mommy and Lucas

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Amy said...

Oh, I love it! He's a keeper, for sure, and we hope we get to meet him before too long!

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