Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Washington D.C. (Sunday)

After another great night sleep, we headed out for one more full day of activities and sight seeing.

16. Jefferson's MemorialWe had to threaten or bribe to get this shot. :)
Pretty cool place.
Family photo = Family Struggle to get Lucas to look at the camera. He was shaking his head back and forth and some how our camera man caught him.
Another trick!

17. National Geographic Society at Explorers Hall

We don't have any photos of the photos we saw at the Nat'l Geographic Society. Their exhibit was all about Lions and Leapards. The photographers spent 28 YEARS documenting these animals. That's a long camping trip!

We almost forgot it was Father's Day but luckily we remembered and Lucas was prepared. Before heading to the art museum we gave Daddy some presents. Happy Father's Day Daddy! You are an amazing father and we are so happy that you love life as much as you do and make the most of each day. It wears us out a bit but we wouldn't want it any other way. Thanks for being such a great Dad and spending so much time with us. We all love you very, very much!
Lucas loves to help unwrap gifts.
He made a nice shirt and tie card which I don't have a photo of for some reason. Here Mike is reading questions about him answered by Lucas like:
How old is your Daddy? 20
What's your Dad's favorite sport? Football
What's your Dad's favorite show? Caillou
One last gift for you Daddy! Hey, he's looking at the camera and boy do I love blackmail photos!18. American Art Museum/National Portrait Gallery

Yes, we were nuts thinking this was a good idea with two kids. Luckily, they had an enormous court yard to run around and play in. Mike and I had to take turns after failing miserably with both kids in the muesum....SOOOOOO BOOORRRRIIINNNNGGG if your 3!

Check out these PAINTINGS...yes, I said paintings. Amazing detail.19. Retirement/Promotion Party

I used to work for a wonderful lady named Mildred Bonilla-Lucia. She took me under her wing when I was a little 2nd Lt in the Air Force and mentored me into a super-stellar Capt. :) I love Mildred and always will. She is the most caring person I've ever met (okay, one of the most; my parents rank right up there too along with many others...oh-oh...am I digging a hole here? I love you all...just keep reading) and what a treat to work with her. We were invited over to her house to celebrate her retirement from the USAF and also watch her promote her "little" brother in the Army. What a great get together.
Here's my old Superintentent, Doug Collins holding Axel and with his wife. We worked together in the Fuels Flight...boy do we have some stories about our troops. It was fun to catch up with him and see his family.
Axel hanging out with Daddy. He was the star of the show and was passed from arms to arms.
Mildred's daughter, Erica even got a turn. She held Lucas when he was about this age too. If only I could find that photo...I'll have to dig.
The Real Star of the Show! Mildred - Thank you so much for such a wonderful visit. We miss you and plan to return to DC to see you again soon. Isn't she beautiful?!
No photos of Mr. Camera shy. Lucas kept happy playing outside with all the big kids and then threw a huge fit when we had to leave. "But I love it here?! I don't want to go!"

20. National Air and Space Museum (Round 2)

Daddy found this: A Transistor, the first transistor...this is what makes your computer work.
While Lucas was inspired to do this:
He's an airplane. Elevators, alierons, rudders and sound all coming together in a wonderful motion.
21. U.S. Capital Building
Another trick. "Hey Lucas, where's the Washington Monument?"

Got him!
Big sign in front of the Capital.
Phew! Another awesome day. Only one to go.

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Loving your trip pictures! What a great time you had!

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