Friday, June 5, 2009


Thanks to the Wright-Patterson Aero Club, Lucas was a pilot for a day. Technically, a "co-pilot who listens" according to him. "The REAL pilot got to talk to the tower and I got to listen and watch."

What a treat! Well worth the $40.

Lucas was soooo patient. We had to wait about 1.5 hours to get our ride.
Luckily, there was food and cool things to look truck, airplanes, cake, etc. Axel was very patient too!We watched a mini air show too that was pretty cool.Then came the announcement: LUCAS ANDERSON, AXEL ANDERSON & JANELLE ANDERSON PLEASE REPORT TO THE FLIGHT TABLE

There we met our pilot, Rich S. and headed out to the exciting!
We loaded up and got ready for take off.
Alright, everyone's ready and Mommy is camera happy! :)
On the taxi way...check out the big ol' C-5.
Take off time!
There's downtown Dayton.
Wow, it's flat out here in Ohio....really flat!
I'm not sure if Lucas ever looked out the window or not. He was so intrigued by the cockpit.
Axel was intrigued by Mommy.
There's the airport.
Time to land.
Back to the hanger.

Daddy was supposed to join us but instead thought going to the ER for a sinus infection was waaay more thrilling. Poor Daddy. He'll have to wait until the next Aero Club Open House.
What a fun day!

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Amy said...

That is SO cool! Way to go Pilot Lucas. I remember his loving the "girl pilot" from Bug's Life (I think that was the movie. . .)

And your invention story is hilarious! Lucas is such a clever boy!

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