Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Axel!

Well, it happened! Axel turned one years old right before our eyes and now he's all grown up and stuff. :)

Despite the two back-to-back snow storms, a few friend made it over and we had a wonderful celebration. It was full of pizza, cake, ice cream, presents, family and friends. We had a blast and so did Axel. He new this was his big day and really seemed to enjoy himself. What a big boy! Amazing what a year can do!

He didn't want to miss any part of his birthday. We baked cakes, prepared snacks and even got around to cleaning up a little bit. Nothing happened without Axel right in the middle.

Here he is checking out his cake in the oven.
Just for the record, this is what the scene looked like out in our back yard. We haven't seen much sun the past week or two but the snow sure is beautiful.What birthday is complete without some big happy balloons?! Gotta check them out!
Ah-oh...he looks like he was just caught doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing. I call this "the look!" I don't think he understood that those were his birthday balloons. Too cute!
Off to go check on things in the living room and just act like nothing happened. :)
Katie giving Mommy a break from the birthday boy. (He is a Mama's boy for sure and loves to be held so he doesn't miss anything.)
Build-our-own pizza time. You know, Mommy is an expert pizza builder! Yep, back in her high school days working at Bernies Take-n-Bake Pizza...oh, the memories. (and skill!) ;)Making more pizzas!
Katie and Daddy...can he do it?
Yes he can, nice work Daddy!
Oops, no photos of the beautiful pizzas! Oh well, time to play while they cook.
So happy!
Eating pizza with the big kids! Here Axel & Vera eat up their pizzas with birthday cake anticipation (motivation).Gareth, Lucas & Emmett enjoying their creations too.Then it was dessert time with two cakes, of course!
He hesitated...looked around and then picked a little here and a little there...pick and taste, pick and taste. Click here to watch Axel with his cake. :)
"The look"...Is this really okay?! The ice cream scoop was fun...
There's "the look" again...
He was not so excited about the COLD ice cream in his mouth!
Delicious cake and ice cream for the grown ups too...hmmm, some more grown up then others! hehehe! Present time!
Need some help? You got it!
Wow, a big ball and what a hit this was!
Then the craziness started. Everyone was very excited and tried so hard to be patient while Axel opened his presents. They also were very eager to get some goodies for themselves...
A little something to take home.
Checking out their loot bags.
Hey, what did they get in those cute little bags? A little homemade play doh, some card games, markers, activity books and a few other fun things.
Hmmm....what's in here?
And look, how sweet Lucas is to help his little brother?! Yeah right, he was helping because he instantly realized Axel had received a LAWN MOWER (one of Lucas' most favorite things in the world...he has a lot of favorites!). Regardless, it was nice to see him help and now, the challenge is sharing the lawn mower. :)
Balloons are some of the best things for a one year old. They last for a week and are so much fun to play with. Oh yeah, the four year old loves them too! :) The box of Kleenex is pretty stellar too!
More fun with the ball.
Oh're so embarrassing!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AXEL! We love you very much! Love, Mommy, Daddy and big brother Lucas


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Axel! He's so adorable! I just want to give him a big old squeeze!!

It sounds like he and Benjamin would get along great--they have so many similarities. Ah, I wish we lived closer to you.

I still remember the tissue box you got Hayden for his 1st birthday--which was a BIG hit!

And finally, so great to see Eric and Heidi there to celebrate. We miss all of you guys!

Maile Fano said...

looks like a fun party! Happy Birthday, Axel and good luck, Mom with the business of the one year old. He is so cute!

MrsKBJ said...

Happy Birthday Axel!! February is a great month!! Yay for our Birthday month!! :O)

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