Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Messes

When I down loaded my photos this morning, I realized that I had a little theme going on. One mess after another or at least the aftermath of a mess. Did I happen to mention that I love messes and especially the results of a good mess?!

1. Mike ordered some enlargements of photos he has taken. He is a wonderful photographer and it's a shame not to share his work. I'm fairly certain he could sell them if he was motivated enough. He loves scenic and wild life the best. We were so happy that these two 16x24's turned out so well although my photos don't really do them justice. He did all the framing at home and framing is a messy job but one with awesome results!

Longs Peak, CO
Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO
2. Arts & Crafts is a daily activity in our house. Lucas has discovered the craft book section in our local library and yesterday we made what he calls, "Spoon heads." Our craft table is a continuous mess but at least it is usually contained to one area. :)
3. Card board box fun. Lucas wanted a jail house. I wasn't sure why until I made it and he told me we should lock Axel inside. :) Poor Axel, he's a trooper and went inside but there was no "locking" him in. We had card board pieces every where and Axel had to taste a few and see if Mom was still going to say, "Uh-oh...that's yucky!" He thinks I'm hilarious when I say that, the whole cause & effect is in full force these days.
4. Hot chocolate face! I love this little mess. Lucas & I went skiing on Sunday and spent the day enjoying each others company...and the rain! Axel & Daddy spent the day doing their own fun things.
5. Play Doh! This stuff could drive you nuts if you let it. It is super messy but soooo much fun. Luckily, it dries quickly and is easily swept up. Lucas received a gift card to Hobby Lobby from Grandma & Grandpa J and picked out a Wacky Factory Play Doh Kit. He still tells me he wishes he could put more money on that card which is quickly followed by, "How do we get more money on that card?" Gift concepts but he's learning quick!
6. Big stuff! Axel is all about being big just like Lucas. He sees him on the stool daily and while Lucas was at school the other day, it was Axel's turn to give it a try.
So proud!
He's not real steady so it makes me nervous but I was able to get a photo. He needs a spotter for sure. I think most of the food ended up on the floor...he truly is following in Lucas' foot steps! I feel like the kitchen floor is never clean...I give up. :)
7. When not using the stool, we try to keep the craziness contained in the high chair. Check out this boy "using his spoon!" The spoon is used for about two bites and then lives on the tray or floor while the hands take over.
Who couldn't love a mess like this?!
So yes, my days are filled with cleaning up after 3 boys. Myself, of course, is always so clean and I never leave anything out....HA!!!! I sure love messes!!

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MrsKBJ said...

What a fun post! :O) I hope to see you guys at play group tomorrow! Your husband does take amazing photos!! My husband is trying to get better at it. We have a canon rebel that he likes to mess around with.

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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