Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Little Man Ain't So Little Anymore

Tomorrow, our baby turns ONE!

Can you believe that?!
I know, people always tell you that time flies by but until you actually see it happen before your try to deny it! If only we could bottle them up, I'd be a millionaire. :)

It is so fun to look back at this year and reminisce about all that we did as a family of four. Sharing our boys with grandparents, family & friends. Trips to Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, New York, Washington D.C., Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and all those in between. Axel's been through it all; climbing, hiking, amusement parking, sight seeing and of course, driving. He's official now! Yep, a TRUE Anderson-Jakulewicz kid!

Our one year old, is super busy walking around the house. Axel loves to empty his kitchen drawers inspecting each item. He keeps an eye on the dishwasher too and loves to "help" unload as much as possible. The cupboards are next before taking another lap back into the living room to see what Lucas is up to. If he finds a T.V. remote, camera or a cell phone, he's occupied for a good 15 minutes. A soft blanket or sweat shirt or any other "lovie" is a sure hit too. After that, he bugs Lucas a little and then, cruises over to the stairs to check if the gate was left open by accident. If open, BINGO! Straight to the top! If not, he'll head to the computer desk or stack of CD cases to see if Mom's paying any attention.

After checking everything out, it's time to find Mom an get a snack. He loves his fruits! Blueberries, pears, bananas, peaches, apples but doesn't object to broccoli, green beans or peas. He's not a huge fan of squash but I can sneak it into his blender drinks with no complaints. He's very brave trying new foods but his favorites are pizza, spaghetti, bagels, gold fish crackers, cheerios and taco salad!

He's been practicing his sign language and knows FAN, LIGHTS, EAT, MORE, BATH, BALL, ALL DONE, CLEAN for sure but probably understands way more than I'm giving him credit for.

Axel loves bath time. He gets mad if it's cut short, loves to drink out of big cups and inspects everything very intently. He's destined to be an engineer!

Another favorite thing to do is climb up on his little red fire truck so he can look out the window. This week was very exciting because of all the new snow turning the ground white. He loves the view and the music. He'll bend down to push the music buttons on the truck and then back up to see what's happening outside. Luckily, he loves outside just as much as we do. :)

I could go on and on. However, I will let the photos do the rest of the talking.
Oh Axel, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You are truly a blessing to our family. Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!


Phil and Dana said...

Happy Birthday, Axel!

MrsKBJ said...

Happy Birthday Axel!! Sorry I will miss you guys at play group this week! Madison has her 18 month baby check up, and I have family visiting. So I will be getting ready for them!
Hope to see you the following week (if my family is gone then) :O)

Megan said...

Happy Birthday!

Susie said...

Happy Birthday A cubed!

Mark said...

Happy birthday Axel! Its amazing how clever he's become, using his firetruck to get a better view.

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

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