Monday, February 15, 2010


It snowed all day today. The third storm, this month, for a total amount of snow around 1.5 ft. We've been shoveling, sledding, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and making the most of the fluffy white stuff.

Axel is all bundled up and ready for our neighborhood walk.
Lucas was already outside climbing mountains...Mt. McKinley and Mt. Everest!
The fastest way down...on the belly. We cruised around the neighborhood looking for other mountains to climb. He was all tired out by the end of that walk!
Snow angels!
Someone woke up and wanted out of his backpack. It was pretty chilly with the wind so he opted to say in my arms.
We've taken Lucas to the local ski hill, Mad River Mountain. It's about an hour away and cost $10 for military members to ski and kids under 6 are free. For $20 our family can ski?! It's perfect!

Here's our little skier! His skis are a little long but it sure is nice to have our own gear.
Axel was not too excited about the whole skiing thing. The cold wind chill didn't help either.
Lucas & Daddy warming up.
He was over the bunny hill after the first run. It was time for the lift!
Mommy even got to ski with him. Last year, I was super pregnant and couldn't join him. It was so fun. I was so proud!!!
Here's my view...
French Fries! "Mommy, I like doing french fries the best!"Click here to see him with the leash. (Sorry about the bad video, you may get sea sick!)

The little wedgie on his ski tips is a life saver and the leash is a great way to stop him. However, Daddy was brave and let him go for it. It's a short video because Daddy had to go tackle him because he got going super fast! We need to practice small turns (follow the leader) and stopping. Then Mommy will let him off the leash. :)

Click here to watch him without the leash.

Wonder what Axel does while Lucas is out shreddin' up the slopes?

He plays video games!
He also plays with my cell phone (sorry if you've been getting random Axel calls) and eats and sleeps and cruises around the entire lodge. Axel knows how to stay busy so don't you worry about him!

Axel wants to be in charge of the spoon these days.
Peaches! Just look at those sleepy eyes.
Skiing is not complete without treats at the end of the day!
After skiing, we headed down the road a few miles to "hike" to Ohio's High Point. You know, a winter ascent! More to come on that...

What an awesome Valentine's Day. I love you all! Hope you had a wonderful day too.

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Susie said...

Lucas looks like a natural! Way to take advantage of that snow out there! If I confidence i my driving, I MIght leave the house!


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