Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome Home Bekila!

Yahoo! Darcy's a Mommy!!! Dave's a Daddy!!!! Bekila is FINALLY home!
After months and months (feels like decades) Darcy & Dave were united with their son, Bekila. He was born in Ethiopia (almost one year ago) and has been waiting patiently for January 20, 2010 to arrive. On this date, he met his Mom and Dad and started a new life. What an amazing journey that has only just begun. Congratulations Darcy & Dave. You will be wonderful parents! We can't wait to meet your son.

You got to check this kid out...HE IS SO ADORABLE!!! Click here to see their blog, watch a great video and learn more about their amazing journey!

Moments after they first precious!!!! True love right there!This photo reminds me of Axel. Bekila is the same age so it's fun to know what they are experiencing with a one year old! Busy times for sure. :)
Those eyes...
We love you Bekila!
Darcy - Thanks for letting me borrow your blog photos! :)


MrsKBJ said...

That is wonderful! Bekila is so handsome! Congradulations to them!

Darcy said...

You're too sweet! Thanks so much for all of your support through this process. It has meant so much! Can't wait for our precious boys to meet! Love you!

Amy said...

Congratulations! He's so adorable and you all look so happy. We couldn't be happier for you!

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